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Episode 2202 Transcript Iron County Commission Seat A Debate WRHSU The Podcast


welcome to what's really happening in southern utah the podcast i'm your host dan kidder our podcast is all about issues facing southern utah here we will announce your upcoming events talk with movers and shakers in our community about important issues facing beaver iron cane and washington counties and make sure you are kept in the loop with interesting news and commentary of local interest while we welcome folks from all over our goal with this podcast is to give residents of southern utah a place to find out about issues that affect them you can find us on apple podcasts and also on our facebook group what's really happening in southern utah and online that's really happening

okay we are back here in the kitter communications studios today for the second debate in our four-part debate series here on what's really happening in southern utah the podcast today i am joined in the studio by county commissioner mike blake and mr destroy griffith says challenger for seat a for iron county commission gentlemen we have flipped a coin mr blake won the toss and has opted to receive so mr griffiths will be going first in our questions and you will first start off with a three minute introduction both of you will get that opportunity and there will be no rebuttals to that uh then you will be asked a series of questions you will have two minutes for that answer and then your opponent will have one minute as a rebuttal at the end of the individual questions you will each be asked a common question and we'll both have two minutes to answer that question and there are no rebuttals to that and then you will have two minutes to make a closing statement all right you both can see the timer up here i'm gonna put three minutes on the clock and uh mr griffiths if you would start us off well dan thanks for inviting us uh i think uh having being an elected official is um very important and we need to vet them and and understand where they're coming from um and i appreciate the audience and i hope that everybody is uh doing well and and we'll uh enjoy this uh debate um my name is destro griff i'm from periwin i grew up in heroin um what ended up happening was when i uh growing up there uh i'm always um concerned with what's going on in iron county um when i was 18 that was when i was able to vote after after turning 18 i ended up going on my lds mission i came back went through the police academy i was hired on part-time with paralympd after that i went uh was hired to with cedar city pd i worked part time with other agencies during that time i was also elected as a enoch city council member during that time i was able to be part of budgets i was involved in the tax referendum during that time we voted several of the council members voted for the tax increase i was one of two later throughout the process i was the only one that voted no on the tax referendum

later on a citizen group got that on the ballot and we were able to vote uh the citizens of unit voted that down also um i've been involved in the national and and uh statewide politics i've really concerned with all the issues that we are involved with during that time after retiring from cedar cpd i ended up going to um work for a therapeutic center i've had a kind of a opportunity to stay away from politics but since then i'm concerned with our spending which the last six years i've just i was shocked to know that the last six years we've our budget has increased uh 60 percent and so that's very concerning i think we all need to understand and see where that money is being spent and we need to make sure the services are being provided as the services are being provided we need to start looking at trimming the fat as well that's that's 60 percent if that continues to uh evolve all right so your time is up i i will be uh cutting mics right at that time that way nobody can come back to me and say oh you gave somebody an advantage or gave him more time all right that way we're fair for everybody so mr blake let me reset that timer i don't know why there we go you're up all right well again thanks for having me i appreciate these forums really anytime i get to have an audience with our constituents it's awesome uh quick introduction my name is mike blake i have served on the iron county commission for the past this is my fifth year um sixth year uh i came in on a midterm election when commissioner miller left kind of unexpectedly i served two years there ran for re-election at that point and was elected to my first full term which i'm kind of completing now my background is also in law enforcement i've spent well the first couple of years with the iron county sheriff's office spent 21 years with the cedar city police department and retired in 2018 to concentrate full-time on the iron county commission

i do work very part-time for enoch city police department currently basically to keep my certification intact as well as i kind of consult with them on their uh sex crimes investigations and plug a hole in the patrol schedule every once in a while uh you know i'm really proud of what we've been able to accomplish on the commission since i've been there i would say that iron county is uh the most financially secure and we're in better financial shape than any other county in the in the state of utah we're out of debt uh we don't have any general obligation bonds we've been able to accomplish that by being very conservative with our budget we've been able to do a lot of innovative things within within a kind of our manpower we've been able to combine a lot of positions as positions come open through attrition or something else we've been able to combine those uh actually make our workforce much more uh i can't think of the word i'm looking for i don't like the microphones

we're just much more efficient in the way that we do things um my you know my my pride and joy and the things that i am most proud of are my family uh i've got a great wife of 26 years and three children all of them are doing really well and are really we're each other's biggest fans and supporters

my reason for serving i love public service but i i truly want this place to be like it was for me for my kids just a wonderful place to be all right closed out right on that three minute mark perfect i didn't have to turn off the mic all right gentlemen we're going to get started here the first question is for mr griffiths mr griffiths you mentioned on your website and in your convention speech that you will work as a full-time commissioner please explain what that means and will you work in any other capacity while you serve on the commission well that's a great question uh when i was deciding to run that was one of the major concerns that was brought up to me is that they wanted a full-time commissioner and so um talking and and looking over my own schedule currently i'm like i said i'm in the therapeutic uh field working down at three-point center and working with troubled youth and uh adopted youth and so um i've been down there for four years and so now um i'm able to uh uh once i'm able to get that position as a full-time commissioner i will quit i'll give my two weeks notice there where i'm working so that i can be a full-time commissioner what that means for me is to be able to be accessible to be able to fill calls emails i would i really want to get the public involved i believe it's very critical that they are familiar with what is going on they're educated on the uh what is on the commission agenda so another thing i'm going to do is do town hall meetings i'm going to try and do that once a month i'll rotate to each city or each town and speak to each um the citizenry so that they can be aware of what is going on so that they can give their input i believe by talking to people that right there um sometimes i learn just as much as they'll learn from me they they might see in a different angle than i might see and so i i feel like that we've always got to be open and by being transparent by being with them that's one thing that i would some of the things i'll do but yes i will be doing full-time commissioner okay mr blake you have one minute to respond to that yeah i think that's a it's important um so as our county commission is set up uh we're designated as part-time commissioners uh basically what that means is we don't get paid as much as the other elected officials uh we we don't actually have a an office that we can sit in on a day-to-day basis but this job very much is full-time there's i mean many many days you start at seven in the morning and you end at nine o'clock at night sometimes and it's important to be able to to focus that time uh that's why i left full-time employment back in 2018 uh it just wasn't fair to uh my employer then to to try and juggle the positions uh it's really important to be available all right um that kind of brings us into our first question from mr blake um mr blake you currently work three jobs as a detective for the city of enic as a medical examiner and as a county commissioner several of your constituents and even some members of the cedar city council report that you seldom return phone calls how are you able to balance that workload and still ensure that you are accomplishing the things that the people of iron county expect from a commissioner you know i've heard that i know where it originated and it's extremely misleading

i work as a county commissioner my enoch city commission my i'm not on the schedule in enoch i haven't worked a patrol shift i i haven't worked more than 15 to 20 hours in a pay period at enoch in months

long story short when i left the cedar city police department decided to focus on the commission i'm not collecting any retirement for my police service in order to go back and collect that retirement once this service is over within the county commission i have to keep my certification valid uh that's what i'm doing with enoch city as well as look at the current situation of policing i'm cheap help with a lot of experience to serve you know and my entire career has been based on public service uh as i you know i offer that to enic they're paying me a much reduced rate of what they're paying a full-time officer uh the medical examiner that's a contract position that i've held for 16 years basically there's three of us in iron county we take turns being on call there's no the only time i respond to that is responding on an actual dead body investigation the the majority of those are an hour's time maybe a field work and then all of that reporting and such is done at night uh it's it's that narrative has been very misleading um i i try to answer my emails and my phone calls as judiciously as possible sometimes i get a hundred a day i do my very best it might take me a minute but i i answer those calls all right

to a minute you're on the clock and mr griffis

well uh when i was a police officer i ended up working several part-time jobs and uh and then while i was on the enoch city council that was part-time and so i know that juggling schedules can be very difficult and it is it's but we have to it's a we it's a demand you know with with inflation and and the cost of living and everything i i understand that but i just know that from me that when i was transitioning from uh one spot to another spot especially from being a police officer to into the county commissioner or into the city enoch city council i had to really concentrate and it took me a little while to kind of get back into that role sometimes we you know i know as a police officer we ended up having many hats that we had to wear and uh you know it's it is tough to juggle uh you know part-time jobs okay

i don't shouldn't have started that yet

mr griffiths questions for you how do you feel that iron county handled the pandemic and are there any things that you would have done differently uh nationally i was really concerned because i understand that that people are nervous and they're scared and wanted to know the best course of action one thing that i believe is that i don't know what's good for you and your family and so i think the best uh option on that is that we as individuals and as families and as parents need to decide the fate of our own family and our kids and so i for uh the federal government to to mandate and shut down uh the economy and to mandate all of the things that they did it really was concerning so um that being said um you know i kept on watching what what utah was going to do and and utah kind of was uh mediocre on that um and i wasn't sure if they were going to try and shut things down i mean we had you know the uh um cox that was saying that he was going to start to uh monitor people as they were coming in and coming out um so that was a concern especially due to our bill of rights so i was really watching the sheriff's department and police department and um also the county commissioner one thing that i was really thankful for is that i saw that paul and and the county commissioners ended up writing a letter and they basically asserted uh their county uh jurisdiction and said that we were we weren't going to adhere to it and we were gonna you know allow people to make their own choices and if you see that that's really damaged the economy and we still really haven't rebounded for from what's going on and now said on top of that we've got inflation so there's a lot of damage that that has done and not only to to the economy but to our bill of rights to our our constitutional rights okay mr blake and i am extremely proud of our own county's response to the pandemic first of all uh i'm waiting for the the timer to start timer doesn't want to work all of a sudden i should have just kept talking you should he would have got it for seconds so uh i'm extremely proud of our response first of all uh we stood up for the rights of our community and the and the right to make medical decisions for ourselves within our families uh we destroyed mentioned letters that were written to our government uh you know in support of of those rights let me take that one step further to make sure that our that our state and federal government understood what was going on in iron county uh i in conjunction with cedar city southern utah university and 50 other organizations within the county founded the iron county coveted task force we met once a week and we literally made sure that we had correct information from all aspects of the county and all of that information was funneled to our government leaders that was extremely successful in mitigating some of those restrictions that we were looking at all right you're out of time but the good news is we have another question for you on this topic so we'll keep rolling on that uh mr bleak you had a pretty rough time with kovid you got pretty sick that's sick yeah you still oppose shutting down businesses in iron county what do you see is the proper role of county government in managing a pandemic so i got sick it was unpleasant uh i don't care how sick i was it did not change my opinion on uh wearing masks shutting down i mean we all have a responsibility to be careful but that's an individual right

i i championed businesses to be open uh me and and my friend group my family did everything we could to support those businesses that were open uh we ate out way more than normal just to make sure that we were supporting our local businesses the proper role of government in anything whether it's pandemic related or not is to provide the basic uh services that are required but stand out stand get out of the way of free enterprise and capitalism uh we don't have the right to tell people how to act and such when it comes to their health care i probably could have been more careful during covet and i may not have contracted the virus but but i wouldn't have done anything different and i wouldn't ask anyone else to do anything different really the proper role of government in anything is for us to provide basic services uh keep the peace but get out of the way there's a lot of people out there that do much better than government you know we need to stay out of the way i don't really have much more to say that's right you don't have to use every every second of your time don't choose to all right mr griffiths your response sir well i i do believe that people did get sick i mean i got i got culvert as well and uh for people that did get sick i am sorry uh but i do think the proper role of government is maintained in the constitution and what it is is it's to protect people's rights um it's to make sure that's why the bill of rights is there so that the government does not does not overreach or overstep its bounds and so the proper role of government even in the county level or the city level is that they need to maintain and make sure that their rights are are taken care of even in a crisis situation we've got to be very careful and and not um look into locking people down we've got to be on the on the other side and and give the benefit of the doubt to make sure freedom is and liberty is is and the bill of rights is protected okay this question is from mr griffiths one of your main issues of your platform is infrastructure what do you think iron county should be doing that has not been addressed by the current commission well i think that uh being on enoch city council one thing that we did have is a master plan and so master plans were

uh because it was part time i wasn't able to always stay up up to par on that we we continued to uh be involved and and the city manager would bring that to the table and say hey this is some of the things that we need to work on and so um that is something that is it's an evolving situation so the infrastructure i know that they're working on water they're working on um you know flooding uh they're working on roads and so um it's kind of like writing or a used car um i'm you know once you're able to get into it you realize that what you have to fix or what needs to continue to happen so i think that the master plan is probably being followed and so i i just you know and not only that when you get with other groups or other people the commissioners or when you have uh people that kind of know uh if they've been working in that um they will be able to kind of tell us what they think and and and i we had one gentleman in enoch that i'd always go to because you know he was really knowledgeable he's with the city for a long time and so i'd always pick his brain and ask him what he thought and there was times that he actually was against some of the things that we were proposing and so i felt like that he had the experience and so sometimes listening to other people uh was very critical um so as far as cedar city or the county i think that uh i need to jump into it but i because i've got the experience uh it'll be a quick um you know quick recap what of what's going on and so i can catch up and uh be able to uh be involved all right good deal all right mr blake uh we have a we have an active master plan uh and it's a fluid plan it's where there's there's very few uh discussions a lot of times in our commission meetings we are updating that in the zoning and the codes and the ordinances that's it's very fluid i'm also really proud of our infrastructure we have a a fantastic road department who has a calendar yearly for road improvements things like that that they stick to we have specifically we're working with economic development now to target some of the industrial areas some of the proposed projects to make sure that the sewer infrastructure the water infrastructure the road infrastructure is is uh suitable for their needs something that all of us in the commission have been extremely active in with our individual departments fantastic

all right mr blake this is for you we've seen unprecedented growth in iron county and this has led to a taxing of our current infrastructure and resources how will you approach the issue of growth in iron county if you were re-elected to the county commission so man growth in iron county the tough thing about growth and i've been asked this a lot is how are you going to manage growth what are you going to do can't we shut it off can we shut our borders uh you've got to so when it comes to growth you've got to remember uh that we're a system that relies on capitalism uh i'm not the one developing all the property there are a lot of people uh who have private property rights who are are doing that and that's absolutely their right to do so what we need to do is work very closely with our zoning and are planning the master plan to make sure that the infrastructure that is required for that growth is suitable um we have a lot of subdivisions in iron county that came in back in the 70s and 80s and for one reason or another they came in were developed but they're not anywhere near county standards they have water drainage issues they have road issues there's all sorts of things and we have so we're constantly trying to address those issues in those communities if they would have been planned accordingly especially with water management both you know both having enough water but specifically for drainage and things like that uh we wouldn't be in some of the mess that we are today with some of these things roads are extremely important when a when a new subdivision is proposed the captioning not

we've available some zoning and written some new ordinances that try and address affordable housing issues it's just something that we've got to stay on top of but we're really in good shape and our staff is awesome all right

mr griffiths one minute sir well everybody gets asked this question and and when you have private property rights um you cannot take those rights away so managing somebody else is very uh it's a very scary topic a very scary thought if if i'm going to manage somebody else and manage their property i think you know again um the infrastructure i i you can see that uh supply and demand uh will will uh continue on i think that you see that a housing market right now it's you know from the national news starting to talk about that it it's it's on it's possibly popping so that's a so i think that supply and demand is going to actually maybe curve the uh the growth uh that's just natural consequences um but we are that's how a lot of the industry does manage itself and employees make money okay

mr griffiths questions for you iron county is in the process of choosing a location to begin construction of a new jail what is your position on the new jail and the proposed locations

well again just when i was called a couple of weeks ago on it and questioned on i i thought that it was pretty much a done deal and then it started to be open back up i've had the opportunity i've been invited to come and speak to or talk to some group up in fiddler's area and and they they continue to tell me their concerns for me jumping into something like this is is i i'm gonna have to kind of go back and investigate it myself and look at all of the uh the situation and the the issues that were already talked about but i'm going to have to get caught up and uh up to speed as far as uh the location um you know other than uh fiddlers uh you know having an issue there i think that we continuing uh i continue to hear over and over again that they're continuing to shop around and look at the best places and that hasn't been uh resolved and so definitely once i get involve get you know elected what'll end up happening is i'll be able to jump into the fray and make a decision and determine but i'm not going to just rubber stamp something and put my name on something until i i do my due diligence and look into it and research it and make sure that that it's a um that it's a viable option for all of those that are involved in the community but it sounds like that some good investigation has taken place and i appreciate the due diligence already it's just that um you know i feel like that i can't rubber stamp anything at this point okay

blake so super super uh controversial issue uh but it's a but it's a great issue um it's a it's a we've had some great examples of uh community involvement

it's hard to say in a minute um what we're doing it helps at all the next question is also on this subject oh good um yeah i am just going to say uh again we've got a great team that have looked at every aspect uh it's funny because this has been an issue that's been ongoing since i got into the commission for six years and it seems like every time we have found a spot and thought this is great this pencil is out we there's more information that comes and then other options open after that uh that's kind of where we are now and i will explain more in a second perfect yeah you're going to get another two minutes on this one mr blake you've been responsible for selecting the new jail site there's been criticism that the public has not been involved in discussions about the jail until the very last stages of the process do you feel that the public should have been better notified about this process uh yes and no um interestingly enough uh every time that we've looked at a proposed site we've we've had four different public hearings and public meetings uh and it's interesting when the jail is safe site you know proposed a and we have them all listed they're all public information site a a lot of people from that that area come and and pro and con it hasn't i mean there's been positives and negatives uh you know we ruled out side a and say we go to site c also in that area comes and and some of the things that they've said are like well we thought it was going to be over here so we didn't pay any attention to it now with that being said um this is hard nobody wants a jail in their backyard it's a controversial issue but i'll tell you the good things that have come that have come from it is working through the process both with our staff i've been extremely impressed you know talk about the current proposed uh the current proposed location it's in the fiddler's canyon area um i've had an opportunity to build a relationship with those folks both for and against it in that area even today coming here i've been texting back and forth with some of those people on some ideas for proposed locations they're very much involved in that and and we said okay if you don't want it here if you these are your concerns then please help us don't be that group and this is i mean this goes for city council this goes for planning commission you know you can tell us no and throw a fit and shut us down that's fine but it'd be way better if you would help us move forward and that's what's happening um we've been able to build some awesome relationships with those folks up in that area and i'm getting really helpful information to help us move forward if there's a better location good deal mr griffith well as a full-time commissioner i feel like that town hall meetings are very critical and and sometimes by having those town hall meetings it would already circumvented that but one thing that i will say that i i am really happy to see on this is how the people are actually getting involved um if we could do that if the people could get involved on the on this level on every issue i understand it is very taxing and stressful for elected officials but i'm really pleased to see people um out and about and being involved in contacting candidates and and elected officials on this you know i've heard that the elected officials aren't listening and and that's a tough one too but i am thankful to see uh uh the um empowerment that the people feel on this one so good job okay

uh this gen this question is for both of you so you will each have two minutes to answer the question um since mr griffith started off i'm going to let mr blake go first on this one both of you are law enforcement officers which provides a different perspective what do you see as the greatest challenge for iron county regarding public safety and how will you address this concern if you are elected elected to the county commission man this is a 64 dollar question nationwide uh so my uh

my involvement in law enforcement it's like i said i i've i've been in the law enforcement field for 26 years um i've seen the pendulum swing from the left to the right and the right to the left we're in the most difficult difficult position that we've ever been in in general as law enforcement as far as support from the community as far as retention but i'm going to say here in iron county we are extremely lucky we're quite insulated from some of the national issues we've got great support from our from our communities law enforcement here in iowa county is still a great career and a great place to be now that being said we've got some challenges and i'm going to i'm going to talk specifically about the iron county sheriff's office because that's our realm um we were able about a year ago a little yeah about a year ago uh we could see we were having problems uh we came in at mid-year and we gave a ten percent kind of emergency raise to try and address some of these issues within law enforcement unfortunately that was quickly gobbled up by inflation and cost of living everything hit at about that same time

at the end of in budget season last year i proposed another increase for law enforcement and for county across the board and that was not approved moving forward we've got to address the pay and we're doing that in fact there'll be a proposal on monday that i think is going to be very helpful just morale in general just making sure that we treat our people fairly and are kind to them and so that they understand we're doing the best good deal all right mr griffiths well i think that uh the nation is filling that uh you know talking to uh friends that are in law enforcement they see that and they feel the crunch from you know economics uh to morale and i think that that's we need to show that you know iron county is is a great place to live and the quality of life here is is awesome i mean as a police when i was a police officer i was very thankful to be able to serve here and so sometimes i think we need to also be have that gratitude of of being able to be here and being part of this great community because they have always been supportive i've really never seen too many issues that's just been kind of isolated issues with with the police department or the sheriff's department on morale but another thing we're facing is that inflation is is coming and uh i worry i mean it's a balancing act because we've got uh it's not only police departments that are having these issues but you've got uh um you've got businesses i'm talking to business people that they cannot find people to work and i don't know we're still trying to figure that out even where i'm at um we we've got uh people that that we we've got positions that are not being failed so but coming back to the law enforcement issue is we've got to continue to have that talk and that discussion and hopefully um you know we can treat people with respect and and show that we have a great community and that they support you and support uh the things that we that they do and that goes a long way i think that that sometimes is forgotten in the in the conversation that we have okay i'm gonna let uh mr griffiths go ahead make a closing comment and you have two minutes well again i'm i'm thankful to be able to be part of this process it's i've i've had a a great understanding of what the elected officials go through it's not easy to put yourself out there and to take the the feedback but in the same sense that's what elected officials have to do we have to be held accountable and and that is why i believe that we need to be involved you need to the community needs to just like with the jail issue we need to be involved in all issues whether it's a jail issue or a tax issue or a regulation issue that's one thing that i think that we can do is is get rid of some regulations there's a regulation out there that i believe that that the county employees can can come in and look into your property um and that that's concerning as a as a police officer because you know that's a fourth amendment issue and so we need to get we need to start looking at regulations we need to also look at our debt ratios too um and with the spending um you know again coming back to that that we're already um 60 um increase since you know in the last six years that's a shocking number when i was looking at that um and when you look at all of that and then you start to see uh and then we and that doesn't even count uh the gel that we've we've got uh in the process so if we continue that pace you know in in 10 years if that if they continue to double that that's a big big budget you know and and so like i said um i i i believe that i am the best candidate and please uh vote for me on june 28th also vote thank you okay mr blake well i appreciate appreciate the opportunity the first thing i want to do is thank uh the people that support me number one i want to thank my family life in the public eye sucks sometimes and uh i you know i want to thank my wife amy um and my kids that are that are in the trenches with me and support me to be able to do this job uh i just want to say you know this has been such a pleasure to continue public service in this role uh i i'm really proud of the things that i've accomplished uh and there are projects in every single uh corner of our county uh brian head canaryville burrell newcastle cedar city parliament paraguna we've been able to make some really good strides as far as upgrading our public safety making sure that our fire departments are well equipped and well trained we've been able to make some some great strides as far as pay increases not only for the sheriff's department but to take care of all of our all of our employees within iron county without our employees iron county is not successful the reason that this is such a great place to live is because each and every one of those folks that comes to work every day whether it's in the roads or the jail um i'm really thankful uh just for the freedoms that we have here i'm thankful for our prosperity and you know it's it's been our number one

really a conservative budget making sure that our that our money is spent wisely we budget down to the penny uh and it's and we've been super successful uh we don't have any debt in iron county general obligation debt uh it's a wonderful place to work and i'm just really thankful for the opportunity okay gentlemen i am thankful for you both coming in here putting yourself into the hot seat it is zero fun to do i know i've done this for a long time and i've been in your position for a long time and i i get it and i appreciate you coming in and taking the tough uh questions and a lot of these questions came from members of the community who i reached out to and asked to send questions and so we're appreciative of all you out there who have participated um one thing that i went and listened to sheriff carpenter last night uh he was given a speech at the high school and and always loved to to hear ken and he got my dander up just a little bit telling me about 22 deputies uh we've lost since january the turnover is out of control um so while we're sitting there i reached out to my cpa via phone and she's actually in the process of creating a 501c3 organization uh we've got ruthie warman who's going to be part of that and then pandora saunders and myself are going to start a 501c3 called the friends of the iron county sheriff we're going to be uh passing the hat at the intersections and collecting money and trying to offset some of the training and equipment costs so that that money can be shifted into the pockets of our deputies that is a great thing about uh iron county is i love seeing uh the cookies and in uh the heart attacks and and the donuts and the meals and and all the things that uh people in this community do for our law enforcement and and we really do you know i've lived all over this country i've lived in georgia washington dc michigan california and new york um and when i first moved here people were like oh yeah the cops you know the same normal stuff that you always hear from usually people who have been in trouble with the police the cops sucked but i can tell you i've been training police officers for nearly 30 years and we have some of the best trained we have some of the most uh just the right mindset uh from our law enforcement in this community so in that regard we are very blessed uh we have excellent dedicated i mean i love seeing the picture the other day of one of the officers mowing someone's lawn you know and it just that that is the epitome of community policing right there and and i think it is fantastic that we are so blessed so we'll be reaching out to folks once that 501c3 paperwork is completed we're going to be asking you for money um we're going to be passing hats at the intersection and filling buckets of money and uh and finding out from the sheriff what uh have him identify what needs he needs met so that he can shift uh those funds that he's using now for equipment and training and hopefully put some of that into the pockets of our our great deputies because i know they're stretched in right now they are filling in all those hours for all of the holes that are are there and so god bless them do something nice for them keep doing the nice things for them you know if i happen to be in a restaurant and i see folks in there in in uniform they don't ever pay for their food i'll tell you that and so just uh if you have an opportunity or just stop and thank them because they really are keeping us safe and uh and serving this community in a great way so gentlemen i thank you both for both serving as police officers because i have a soft spot you see my my bracelet i've worn that every day for for i don't know probably 20 years um and i appreciate all you do for the community and i appreciate you coming in here and getting into the hot spot and god bless everybody listening share this with your friends and have a great day

thank you for listening to what's really happening in southern utah the podcast we hope that you found this content to be worthwhile we want to hear from you so if you have any upcoming event that you'd like to share with our listeners or if you represent a local group we'd love to have you come into the studio just email us at contact what'

we're also working on streaming this podcast live and have the ability for folks to call in and ask questions or share items of interest to residents of southern utah be sure to share this podcast with your friends and again thanks for listening



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